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Bachelor Gulch Public Safety, located at the entrance gate of Bachelor Gulch Village, provides the following services for property owners in Bachelor Gulch.  They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be contacted by calling (970) 754-2345 or by emailing

Key Holder Agreement

A key holder agreement is a service contract that allows a Bachelor Gulch homeowner to store a key to their residence in the Bachelor Gulch Public Safety key safe.  The contract designates those person or vendors who may obtain the key for temporary use.  The key safe system records the public safety officer who accessed the key, who the key was given to, and the time and date of the transaction.

In the event that a homeowner or their designated caretaker requests assistance from the Public Safety department, the key can be used to place deliveries inside, respond to and clear the interior of a residence post-intrusion alarm or to check on the status of a systems alarm, such as low temp or water flow.

This service is provided free of charge and can be rescinded at any time.  The contract is valid for five years and is stored at the Bachelor Gulch Public Safety gatehouse for easy reference.  Click here to download the Keyholder Agreement.

Bachelor Gulch Village Access

In order to protect the peace and privacy of the community, specific rules and regulations pertaining to the access hours for different types of Village vendors have been created.  The Public Safety department oversees this compliance.  Depending on the vendor type and their intended purpose in the Village, access will either be permitted or denied.  In most cases, service hours are from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of observed holidays.  Weekend and observed holiday deliveries are limited to the following: food deliveries; luggage; vehicle deliveries; express/overnight companies; caterers and party rentals.   

Village Patrol

Thegoal of Village patrols is to provide a visible security presence, respond to dispatched calls as they occur, and to provide local emercency service providers and law enforcement with "First Responder" scene size up via direct radio transmission.  We're also on the lookout for opportunities to be of assistance to those in the community.  We respond to and document all reported (or observed) incidents of the following types: fire alarms, emergency medical calls, intrusion alarms, systems alarms, property damage, motor vehicle incidents, complaints/disturbances, suspicious/criminal activity and wildlife interactions.  Copies of incident reports may be provided upon request with approval.

Public Safety Service Calls

Assisting members and guests of the community is what we do best.  Our team is trained to unlock vehicles, charge a battery, change a tire or assist in vehicle pull outs, all free of charge.

Wildlife Interactions

In agreement with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the Public Safety department does it's very best to deter human/wildlife interactions within residential areas. Various methods are used, including the use of a capsicum powder PepperBall launcher.  In the case of bear activity, it is widely believed that creating a negative interaction with humans will work toward deterring them from a specific area.  The Public Safety department provides education of the Village Wildlife Agreement stipulations, as well as helpful suggestions.

Bachelor Gulch Village Association Rules and Regulations

The Public Safety Department seeks to educate the community while simultaneously enforcing all BGVA rules and regulations such as proper trash removal, pet registration and required leash use, to name a few.

Construction Site Code Enforcement

As a designated representative of the Design Review Administratio, Bachelor Gulch Public Safety provides oversight and enforcement of all Village construction rules and regulations, including maintenance projects.  Once a project plan has been submitted and approved by the Design Review Administration, an on-site pre-construction meeting is conducted to ensure compliance and to address any safety hazards or impacts to the community at large.

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